On the Media 12/5/13

On the Media December 5, 2013

Covering the Newtown shooting anniversary, fighting Revenge Porn and More


This podcast ranged from the Newtown shooting the effects of after a year. In the particular segment it talked about gun control, and them releasing the tapes of the 911 calls. Which leads to much strife with news stations and reporters saying that they will not be post those call on their websites. They did couple of shorter segments on border control, and the DNA, and FDA that they had done some research on from pervious shows. The last segment they ended with was revenge porn and how one lady shutdown a website.


In this podcast they talked about the Newtown shooting. A year ago a crazed man went into a Elementary school with a live gun shooting in classrooms killing several students and teachers. They talked about how is has affected America, the gun control and the released tapes that went public on it 1 year anniversary. This was a day that was tragic in the United States and with tragic day the political topic of gun control was raised in firing. The gun control law became very popular and it almost got its way. Another topic during this segment of the show was the release tapes and how some news stations will not have the tapes due to the fact they think that it is disrespectful to the town and the parents who were affected by it.

Another topic that was covered was revenge porn. The website goes by Anyone Up? It is a website where people can post pictures of their ex’s to shame them. The website got shutdown, because it was underneath revenge porn. It talks about the retaliations of what happen after the website was down.


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