choice 3

Paul concluded his epistle to the Hebrews with some brief teachings and statements of counsel. Read Hebrews 13 and find statements about the following questions:

• How should we treat strangers and those “in bonds”? We treat them like anyone else. Everyone has their issues, trials, and whatever else life throughs at them. What I think this trying to teach is that we must treat these people with kindness and show that we are neither above them or below them. I think it is hard though and this chapter really does show away and an understanding of why we need to show kindness.

• How is marriage looked upon? It is honorable. It is scared thing that we do in this church.We aren’t just married here on earth, but we are sealed together for all time and eternity. Marriage isn’t just something that we check off the check list of life. No, it is something that so special and it needs to treated that way.

• What warnings are given about covetousness? We need to be content with what we have and not want. It’s ok to want things, but if we are not careful with our wants then it can take over us. It can consume and destroy relationships and ourselves.

• What is “the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever”? Christ. He will never change. It is like the church, it didn’t change the principles in the old testament and it is not going to change now. It’s a beautiful thing, with the world changing so much and it is a comfort to know that there is one thing in your life that will never change.

• How are we sanctified? Because of Christ and he shed is blood for us then we were made clean in a sense. He payed for all of our sins so that we could be clean.

• How do we respond to those who rule over us? We respect them. If they rule over us and are ruling the right way then we must respect authority.

• Who did Paul ask the people to pray for? he asked for them to pray for everyone that they may be able follow the commandments and that they maybe able to stay true to the church.

Choice 6

Read Hebrews 3:8–4:16 and the institute student manual commentary for Hebrews 3:11, “What Does It Mean to Enter into the ‘Rest’ of the Lord?” (p. 383). Write answers to the following questions:

  • What group of people was refused entrance into the Lord’s rest? Those who have not looked to find the peace of the gospel. Those who do seek to find the gospel and accept the teaching, will be rewarded in their
  • What sins caused them to forfeit this privilege? Any sin, if we can’t follow the lords ways and be obedient then we will let any sin come and conquer us. 
  • How does Doctrine and Covenants 84:23–24 help define what is the Lord’s rest? If we harden our hearts like the children of Israel then we cannot enter in or feel the Lords rest. In these verses it talks of them hardening their hearts and if they did that they would thrown out of the kingdom.
  • What sins did Paul repeatedly warn against so as not to incur the same punishment? What he keeps warning us is not to harden our hearts and that we must keep an open and loving heart to the Lord.
  • How do you think the warnings in Hebrews 3:12–15 apply to us? Yes, it does apply to us today. We are not so different from the people back then. We still have tendency to harden our hearts against the Lord . It is just as easy as was then as it is now. Those warning aren’t just towards the people of that day but our day too.
  • List the counsel found in Hebrews 4 that will help a person enter into the rest of the Lord. have no fear, have faith, share your testimony, hear his voice and don’t harden your heart, stay away from sin, go boldly to the Lord. 
  • How do Matthew 7:21–23; John 7:17; James 1:22 help in understanding how the word needs to be “mixed with faith”? (Hebrews 4:2–3). Mixed with Faith means being wavering. If we have wavering faith then we cannot go with him. We must have strong faith in the Lord for us to truly “rest” with him.



Concept: The concept of the logo is stay simple. Constuction Companies rely on reputation, not graphic design. I wanted to give the logo to catch the eye of the target audience 35-60. Simple and to the point.

Business card Knapp Construction

Pitch: I have a sweater from ages ago and since then you have partnered up and have had a slight name changed. You were once Knapp Construction, but now you are Knapp and Benson Construction or you are also known as K&B Construction. The slight problem you have had with you logo is that this sweater was created 10 years ago and you are still using it, even with the name change. Now most people know you by your new name, but what about the people who don’t know you. You have been doing a lot of work outside the Cache Valley. You have been building cabin homes in Island Park, and Bear Lake. You have even have built in Nevada. You are a good construction company, and you rely on word of month, but what if we gave you something even more.

Here is the Logo we have designed for you. We know that your age demographic is between the ages of 35-60. This is when many people start to build their homes, so we wanted to relate to them. We used the colors black and gray because it shows confidence. You don’t need some outlandish color to stand out, but we need you to be remembered. The solid design shows that you guys are firm in your building and you will do what you say you will do.   We want it to resemble confidence and I feel like this design does that. I showed it to you in a business card design so that while you are building up in Bear Lake, and Island Park and people come to look at your work you can hand this business card to them. Let them remember you, and not be confused about the two different names.


American Eagle: The logo is clean and simple. The instance you see it on a shirt you know exactly what brand it is with out even asking or looking for the tag.

Nike: Once again simple and clean. It has been around for a while and is well branded that a 5 year old could tell you what it is.



Underarmor: This is a newer brand and it is breaking into all types of sports, from Football to Hunting. A good brand can expand and with a neat logo it gives it a more credible look.

Apple: Every one knows the apple. Even though it is a fruit, we still all associate with the Mac computers, phones, and tablets.

Quaker Oats: Everyone knows the creepy guy on the front of the oatmeal can. I mean as child you had nightmares about him. No the reason I choose this is because it is brand that has been around for while and still is strong. Even with creepy logo guy it has worked for years.

Choice 2

Review 1 Timothy 2:9–10 and describe in writing what Paul said about dress standards.

Women shouldn’t have to all attention to themselves with rich apparels or outlandish attitudes, but with modestly and humbleness. Women need to represent themselves like they respect themselves. When women show they respect themselves others will respect them.

How does Doctrine and Covenants 61:18, 36 help us understand that what Paul taught applies to both men and women?

We are all equal in all the things that we do. God wants us respect ourselves it doesn’t matter if we are men or women.

Study Moses 6:9; Mosiah 2:37; Alma 41:2. Then list three reasons our bodies could be considered sacred. How does understanding that our bodies are sacred help us know why they should be covered modestly?

Our bodies should not sub come to wickedness, we need to keep our bodies as a temple, it shows respect unto the Lord.

What is mentioned in Alma 1:32 that relates to the other concern Paul mentioned about dress? What can you do to apply these principles in your life?

We should not live in the world but of the world. In this verse it talks not to live lavishly, but live in comfort and not to take things for granted.

List the evidences Paul mentioned in 1 Timothy 4:1–5 that an apostasy would not only come in the future, but that some people were already practicing false doctrines.

It is when they lose faith and fall to lies and create lies. They fall to idleness and fall to other doctrines that are not true. They choose to fall from the church and they choose live a life unhappily.

How could Paul’s counsel to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12 be used to strengthen a new missionary or a young person called to serve in any responsibility?

Be an example of the youth, have faith in what you doing, and have purity in your heart and mind.

Review 1 Timothy 6:7–11 and answer the following questions:

What did Paul teach about the love of money?

It is the root of all evil, if you start have money as your idol, then that can be a person downfall.

In what sense is the love of money the “root of all evil”?

It is because if live as your life then you forget about the Lord and lose that comfort of the spirit. You live your life for the money instead of living your life.

What guidelines are given in 1 Timothy 6:17–19 and Jacob 2:18–19 that when followed can help ensure that you do not focus too much on money or material wealth?

If we use it for good. It’s not bad to have money, but if you use for good and use to help those around you then you will be blessed.

Choice 1

Choice 1: Romans 12-16. Live as Saints Should Live

1.    Review Romans 13:11 and look for what is “nearer.” Read Ezekiel 3:20; Doctrine and Covenants 14:7; and explain in writing what we must continue doing to work out our salvation.

In Romans 13:11 it is talking about how the 2nd coming is getting closer and we need to prepare ourselves for it. In Ezekiel 3:20, D&C14:7 it talks about we are to keep our salvation. We need to follow the Lords plan and keep his commandments.

2.    In Romans 12-13 Paul gave much counsel that leads to salvation. Read each of the following verses and list what Paul taught would help lead to salvation:

o       Romans 12:1: Keep our bodies clean because they are a gift

o       Romans 12:2: Keep our mind clean, and knowledgable 

o       Romans 12:9: Don’t cleave to evil, but to good.

o       Romans 12:13: Give service to people

o       Romans 12:16: Do not think yourself better than those around you.

o       Romans 12:21: If evil befalls on you, counter it for good.

o       Romans 13:1: Remember that there is not higher power than Gods.

o       Romans 13:3: Always fight for the good even when evil is power.

o       Romans 13:8: Always love 

o       Romans 13:9: Don’t break the commandments.

3.    Review Romans 14:1-13; 15:1-3.

o       What cautions did Paul give about judging? Remember not to judge to harshly because God will judge them. He is the only one who understands what he is going through.

o       People may have different opinions and practices, but what is most important to remember?: Remember that God is on you side and that when you are weak he will lift you up if you ask him too.

o       What additional insight comes from reading Doctrine and Covenants 38:25-27? Remember that you are equal to those around you. You are not better than the man next to you. 

4.    Review Romans 15:25-26, 31; 16:2, 15. Write the term Paul frequently used to refer to members of the Church in his day. He calls them Saints


Online Campaign

22 Jump Street

This ad has came on about 2 days ago when I was watching a music video by Ellie Goulding “Burn”. I have seen this play on youtube at least once a day. Even though I have never seen 21 Jump Street and I do not plan on seeing on the sequel I do enjoy the ad that is promoting that is promoting the movie. The humor is eye catching and makes you actually laugh out loud.


Since I am book nerd this would of course catch my eye. I got this link from a celebrity gossip site that I visit on occasion. It advertised books that I would be interested. This type of advertising works because it hits a certain audience. An audience that likes to read. It may not be everyone cups of team but does fit a certain person and they make it personal.

Dove true beauty ( Sketches)

Dove ran a very popular campaign called true beauty. This campaign is very meaningful and caught viewers attention by how real people are and how they views themselves. What it did was give Dove a realistic view to their customers and it created a beautiful image for Dove.



Choice 3

Review Romans 6:1–13 and answer the following questions in writing:

o       What must be done with sin before baptism can occur? You must repent of your sins.

o       What events from Christ’s life are symbolized in baptism? Death and resurrection

o       Considering this symbolism, why couldn’t someone be baptized by sprinkling? Because they are not fully immersed in the water so it does not show the complete death and resurrection of Christ. Since Christ died and becomes resurrected that is what it symbolizes when we are dunked in the water that represents death and when we are brought up out of the water that represents the resurrection.

o       What do these verses teach us about how we can maintain the “newness of life”? I think it teaches us that we can start over and start clean. Christ died and was resurrected for us that we may of this fresh start and could be baptized.

o       According to Mosiah 3:19, what part of us would ideally die at baptism? The natural man. Since the natural man is an enemy to God and when we get baptized technically we giving up that natural man to follow Gods will.

2.    Study Romans 6:14–23. Write a paragraph that describes how we know whose servant we are. Then write a statement identifying the true source of freedom.

A servant of Christ can be defined as many different ways. We have heard constant that to be servant we must be examples or be the light on the hill. Or that we can’t be of the world, but only live in it. Being servant though is giving your all. You want to give your all. You want to be the example, you want to constantly be living the commandments and keeping your covenants. The have to becomes a want to. We are Christ servants because in sense he is our servant too. He answers our prayers, and gives us guidance when we need it.

Freedom is when we choose to do right. Then we get a true sense of freedom when you know you are doing something right.

Choice 2

Choice 2: 2 Corinthians 2:1–11. Forgiveness

Review 2 Corinthians 2:1–11; Matthew 6:14–15; Doctrine and Covenants 64:9–10. Then respond to the following questions:

If the saints of  have caused any grief to those around them or have had grief caused unto them they need to forgive. The Lord understands that it is hard to forgive but there are countless times he has forgiven us for our mistakes. We can take the atonement for example. He forgave us for our sins then, and he forgave his persuaders who mock him and he told God to forgive them because they know now what they do.

The blessing we receive with forgiveness is I feel like there is no anger. You choose to let the light enter life, to forgive someone or even yourself. You feel the blessing of his love and his compassion for you. I think you understand his love for you even more when you forgive.

The danger to fail to forgive is a great one. In 2 Corinthians 2:11 it says “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” I think it says it right there as soon as it says the word Satan. If we don’t forgive that gives Satan another chance to take a blow at us. If we don’t forgive, those feelings turn into anger and bitterness and can lead us down a road of slow destruction. Not just to ourselves but to those who love and care for us.

T.V Ad

Concept: This ad is about making the Jones drink the drink you grab before your adventure happens. Jones is about originality so we want the ad to show the demographics of the ad.

Pitch:  Jones Soda, you guys are original, you guys were the hipsters of the business world before it came cool. In this ad we will be hitting your main audience and also older and younger generations to make them more aware of your company. Your age demographic right now is between the ages of 16-20. What we will do in this ad is show different ages. We want to show the adventure, the oddities, and special moments that the pictures on your labels represent. We want to call attention to your customers that these aren’t just some random pictures that you found on the internet, but these are real people and real life.  These labels represent not just the company but them. They represent us as people.

Conclusion: Now that you have presented you the ad, I want you to think of your company and what you represent. You love to show the adventurers like the man and his girlfriend getting chased by a Kangaroo, or the innocence of the young child taking a picture of brother, or the oddity of the boy taking a picture of cactus with a mustache and cowboy hat. You guys represent us. You represent the craziness of life and made it a “Jones moment.” Thank you

TV. Ad