On The Media Facebook

On The Media: The Facebook Show

Thursday October 25, 2012


This session talked about all aspects of Facebook. I covered from statues to likes, to people connecting with each other, and how is has affected other countries. In the first segment it talked about thinking of Facebook as its own country. The next segment was how likes work on Facebook and what they mean. One of their bigger segments that they covered was a girl who’s rapist had contacted her on Facebook and how she got reconnected with him and finally getting over her past and coming to terms with it.


Looking at Facebook like a country makes sense even if it doesn’t have pronounced government that runs. On the media covered this topic by adding stats and how it has affected other countries. Facebook has only been around for 8 years and in those 8 years it has taken on a life of its own. It was interesting to listen how Facebook has taken so much our lives and how certain countries banded Facebook for a while. Most of these countries were communist countries and if they did allow it, their citizens who had it had to register their Facebook so they could keep tabs on them.

The biggest topic that thought was talked about was the girl’s rapist that friended her on Facebook. She had been raped at the age of 14 and as the years went she wasn’t sure if it had happened or if she was making it up. One day when she got on Facebook she had noticed the he had sent her a friend request. She accepted the request and began to ask him questions asking if it had happened. He responded and answered yes it had and that she wasn’t crazy. It was interesting how she looked at after; she said it gave her closure and she was able to move on and forgive him.

P9 Portfolio


Project Corrections/Time spent: 3 hours all together. I made small adjustments to each of my projects. I did the sizing, changing colors, and going over small mistakes.
Top 3 things learned in this course:
1) Learning how to use Adobe products.
2) Learned about putting different mediums together.
3) Learned how to create professional looking projects
Future application of Visual Media: This will help me me build up a better resume. It will also given me some experience working with these programs so that in the future I will have a basic understanding of them and I won’t be lost.
Programs/Tools Used: InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
Font #1 Name & Category Viner Hand- script
Font #2 Name & Category: Tahoma-Serif
Thumbnails of Images used:
Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):

No cell phones please?

Last night I went to a show on my campus. It was every winner of every show that they have done on campus. Each winner preformed the act that made them win. The show was done fantastically, but one problem I think half of us missed the show.

While sitting the dark you can see blue lights peeking up everywhere with heads bent. We missed the lifting the in the ballroom routine, and the amazing dancing that was performed. it was like being at the concert and paying $60 to get in and we missed show, because we forgot to go. So while sitting there watching the show I finally understand “No cell phones please”, because we forget to go the show.


5 years ago if you had an iPad or even iPod you were the cool kid in school. They were expensive and most parents didn’t want to spend that kinda money on you. I mean they  love but dropping 3 to 4 dollars on you was just a little much.

Now its not uncommon for a 8 year old to have an iPod. Over the past 5 years electronics have become less expensive and parents are more willing to spend that kinda money. You can get an iPod shuffle for almost $50 now, whereas when they first came out the were between $150-$200.  It will be interesting to watch what will happen in the next couple of years with the new technology coming out.

New Villian

Movies, are a huge part of our culture today.We love to watch a story play out right before our eyes. We like the twists turns the story lines play. We like the actor one liners and the cheesey expressions.

I recently watched a Romantic Comedy call Leap Year starring Amy Adams who makes a plan to propose to 4 year boyfriend on leap day in Ireland because then it is acceptable. On her journey to Dublin which is Ireland she is met with very unfortunate events and taken on a wild journey with man she barely knows. Like all romantic comedies they fall in love. What I noticed in this romantic comedy is that technology is used almost and enemy. The question is asked to Amy Adams character what would you grab in a fire? While her fiance grabs his phone, computer and all of his gadgets she sits there and realizes that this isn’t what she wants.  I just thought back to many movies not even romantic comedies where technology is the enemy. So is that the new villain? Technology.

On The Media 11/21/2013

Economics of Thanksgiving Dinner, Going Viral Pre Internet, and More

November 21, 2013


In this episode they talked about how the price of Thanksgiving dinner keeps going up each year. This goes off of 10 people at Thanksgiving. Another topic that was discussed was what happened before the Internet. What the process what and how people were affected. One of the bigger topics that they discussed was about the NSA topic and how it affected journalists. It also covered about the documents being released and how people of were asking for their own information of what was found on them.


They started off this episode with Thanksgiving since that time of year was coming around. They started off with statistic because with each year the price of Thanksgiving dinner goes up. By sometimes a few dollars or by 10 dollars. Economists argue that the statistic that was given is wrong, because it depends on the household and what they are buying. So every year they bring out a new state on Thanksgiving prices and every year they are wrong.

Another topic that was talked about what went viral before the internet and how it went viral. I thought this was a very interesting, because of how we can barely function without the internet.  So it was interesting to learn about how it has changed.

The biggest topic it talked about was the NSA and how it has affected reporters. It talked about how many people we in a panic about their personal information. But the some of the main people that were concerned of this huge strife where reporters. Their information could be accessed and spied even though people of NSA claim still to this day that they are preventing terrorists acts, but it scared reporters and they understood they needed to protect their information.

On the Media 12/5/13

On the Media December 5, 2013

Covering the Newtown shooting anniversary, fighting Revenge Porn and More


This podcast ranged from the Newtown shooting the effects of after a year. In the particular segment it talked about gun control, and them releasing the tapes of the 911 calls. Which leads to much strife with news stations and reporters saying that they will not be post those call on their websites. They did couple of shorter segments on border control, and the DNA, and FDA that they had done some research on from pervious shows. The last segment they ended with was revenge porn and how one lady shutdown a website.


In this podcast they talked about the Newtown shooting. A year ago a crazed man went into a Elementary school with a live gun shooting in classrooms killing several students and teachers. They talked about how is has affected America, the gun control and the released tapes that went public on it 1 year anniversary. This was a day that was tragic in the United States and with tragic day the political topic of gun control was raised in firing. The gun control law became very popular and it almost got its way. Another topic during this segment of the show was the release tapes and how some news stations will not have the tapes due to the fact they think that it is disrespectful to the town and the parents who were affected by it.

Another topic that was covered was revenge porn. The website goes by Anyone Up? It is a website where people can post pictures of their ex’s to shame them. The website got shutdown, because it was underneath revenge porn. It talks about the retaliations of what happen after the website was down.


Mass Media takes over Christmas every year. We see it in our Facebook pages and it is covered in advertising everywhere you go.

It is truly amazing on how much we can do with Advertising and get can be connected to one holiday. People prepare all year for this holiday. They go through drafts and promo runs, it is all year planning because they know how much this can impact their businesses. With this season it is a shopping season and as consumers  we will fall for anything. If it is flashy and bright and that is want we want in the holiday season.

When walking through malls or even down the street it is screaming in your eyes. It flashes on billboards, and jumping out on Facebook and in Newspaper advertisements. With our technology we can’t escape but do we want to?

On The Media November 28, 2013

On The Media: November 28, 2013

Inside NFL Football, The Journalist behind Jackie Robinson and more


In this On the Media episode they talked about how the NFL is trying to make the game safer not only for their players but for everyone. They did a brief discussion on this and moved onto another topic. This topic was about the dark side of sports and the reporters and what they choose to report on. Sometimes the biggest mistakes get overlooked because how good they are at the sport.

The topic they choose to take on was the racial prejudiced in sports with Jackie Robinson and his reporter friend who suffered just as much as he did. This lead in to letting blacks playing in the NBA in the 1970’s. This was followed with interview with Brook Gladstone and man who goes by the name Clyde and his trials playing in the NBA in the 70’s. They end with his interview and his story.


On this on the media episode, they really focused on sports. It wasn’t just sports they focused on the accepting of blacks and different races in the sports. They began it by the blood lust of sports and asking that is what sports is becoming. They did see from the other side. They talked to professionals saying they are trying to make sports safer, but there only so much they could do. Another topic they talked about in this section is the dark side of sports and the reporters. Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone talked about how reporters would only report on certain topics of sport stars. They brought up one star that frequently cheated on his wife and was doing drugs, but it was never reported, because he was star player.

The next topic they made was an emphasize on Jackie Robinson reporter, suffered the same trials Jackie did only in the shadows or it all. While Jackie was in the spotlight, this man was in shadows writing everything Jackie. He was writing because he wanted people to have hope and support this great man in what he was doing. The sad part is though is that is his story didn’t get written during this time of trial not only for Jackie but for him also.